Norrskog is a forest owner association consisting of over 12 000 private forest owners in northern Sweden. Together we own approximately 2 M Acres forest, our own forest industry consisting of three modern sawmills, two planing facilities, two painting lines and one chemical treating line.

The idea behind the association is for the members to control the whole line, from management of their forests to sales of wood products. This way we secure the value of the forest resource on a long term perspective for all the members. The association also gives presumptions for investments in the forestry sector.

Throughout history the forestry associations has been a successful way of giving the non-cooperative forest companies well needed competition and keeping prices of the forest resources on a high level. 

Norrskog use a renewable and natural resource, has a high environmental awareness and is certified by PEFC. 

Today Norrskog consists of over 12 000 forest owners that deliver their timber to the cooperation industry. This means that when you´re buying Norrskog Wood Products, you can be sure the profit will reach all the way down to the forest owners.

Because of the harsh climate in north Sweden, Norrskog Wood Products offer a very high quality product from slow grown timber with tight grain and small knots. Therefore most of the products are used as visible wood. For example in panels, moldings, furniture, window and door elements. A significant part of production also goes to industries with high demands like various processing industries for glulam, flooring and as construction timber and concrete casting.